Hello world,

What is passion? Passion is a subjective, undefined feeling that we all are able to relate to in some form or other with something in our lives. Nobody can tell you that you are passionless or overly passionate about whatever your heart desires.

How does passion relate to the screen printing industry, and more importantly, Double L (that’s why you’re reading this aren’t you)? We can all put a price on our services, our products and our time…but how do we put a price on passion? Some businesses will put a hefty price tag on what they perceive as true blood, sweat and tears kind of work. Some businesses will utilize the same blood, sweat and tears of others to make a pretty penny. Here, we do it for our family. This is what we value the most.

When you walk through the doors of Double L, you’ll be able to see how thoroughly devoted Dat, our prized pony printer (I call him Dad, because well, that’s who he is to me) is to the art of screen printing. Sure, anyone can swipe a squeegee back and forth and call it a day, but Dat believes in the meticulous process of surging through that finely meshed screen with just the right amount of pressure and knowledgeable flair. He just knows a good quality print when he sees one. The smells of paint thinner and solvents are his perfume.


With over 25 years of experience, you’ll know that when you’re supporting a family business like ours, it’s so we can put back just as much effort into making your business grow. To us, passion means letting you know that your order is ready on time or sooner because we understand this industry strives on events and turnaround. Passion means letting you know if your colours are out of whack, and that maybe you should re-evaluate the mock up just one more time before we go ahead. Passion means that we all make mistakes and we’ll find a way to work with you to make it right. That’s what families do, and that’s how we’ll treat you.

Intrigued? Come over and spend a bit of time getting to know us. We might be having Mom’s vietnamese home cooked lunch together, or exchanging passive-aggressive words downstairs much like that in a nail salon but nothing makes us happier than someone who gives us the time of day because they understand the value of a good partner.

- Jenny