Whether you’re a seasoned pro in the industry or an emerging entrepreneur, here are some commonly asked questions about the screenprinting process with some tips that will improve the DL experience:

What is a ‘proof’ or a ‘mock-up’?

In order to ensure everyone is on the same page, we provide you with a PDF file containing all of the information need to run your imprints successfully that you will need to examine. The proof will confirm the quantity and colour of items being processed, pantones being used, graphic dimensions and other details.

You will be required to email us back with explicit approval or any revision instructions, so any errors can be corrected. We only proceed with the order once we have received approval—this saves everybody time, money and hassle.

What is an ‘underlay’?

An underlay is a white ink primer that is screened on dark fabrics before other pantones. This helps the lighter inks stand out more vividly, and prevents ink seepage. An underlay is required for orders of light inks on dark fabrics. Note that white imprints do not get charged for the underlay, even though one is applied.

What are ‘separations’?

Each pantone needs to be separated from the other colours onto its own individual screen. Separations are the layers corresponding to the pantones that need to be output as films.

What is the minimum amount of pieces I can print?

Our minimums are 50 garments with the same logo.