Terms & Conditions

Quality Assurance

  • Double L is happy to resolve any customer issues regarding orders that were not completed to customer satisfaction. Double L will gladly work to provide solutions within 60 days, starting from the day the order was shipped.
  • Double L provides customers with a grace period of 30 days to notify us of shipped goods that were improperly manufactured. The customer has 15 days to send back the defective goods once terms of resolution have been made.

Pre-production Samples

  • Double L offers the service of imprint assurance before the full order needs to be completed. For a minimal fee, we can arrange an inspection appointment for you to sample the print, so the job is done to fullest customer satisfaction prior to running it entirely.

Quality Control

  • Double L proudly stands behind high levels of standards where screen-printing, fast job turn-around times and customer service are concerned. However, there are factors beyond our control that may cause some products to look a bit different from others. The composition of the inks from our suppliers, material of the item to be printed on, and other factors may result in inconsistent imprints between orders. Please request a pre-production sample for order assurance.


  • Double L is happy to resolve any invoice issues within 30 days of sending the invoice.
    We do our best to inform customers of all of the fees and charges that are applicable to each order during quoting; however, it is only after starting job production that we are made aware of all of the applicable fees.

If you have any questions regarding our price list and quoting, give us a call at 604.214.9808 or email contact@doublel.ca—we will be happy to assist you with your order.